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20th-Jun-2020 01:18 pm - INTRO POST
Hello there~

Welcome to my livejournal. I may appear to be a bit psychotic at times and my writing may tend to be either really happy or really angsty and depressing but generally I'd like to say that Im an okay person. I'm just a teenage girl that has way too many feelings. If you're going to read my stuff, then that is lovely, I thank you. This livejournal will consist of only DBSK and EXO fanfics because frankly I don't care about any other fandom that intimately. None of my things are locked because frankly I don't know how and if you add me, I will most likely add you back. Let's be friends!

Also I have a wife who draws pure beauty. ilhsmx3

Most likely if I'm not here, I'm updating my tumblr , or ranting on twitter

Comments are precious. I like precious things. I also like Yunho. Also DBSK in general.

Until we meet again~
observe my bias in a chicken suit. ^^ :)
4th-Nov-2013 07:25 am - Expectations (2/2)
Title: Expectations
Author: the smexy ligerliger
Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong
Genre: Romance, Smut
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jaejoong is off for a 2 year internship in Paris, and Yunho plans one last date for them, to savour their last moments together
Yunho shifted his head slightly...Collapse )
4th-Nov-2013 07:21 am - Expectations (1/2)
Title: Expectations
Author: the smexy ligerliger
Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong
Genre: Romance, Smut
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jaejoong is off for a 2 year internship in Paris, and Yunho plans one last date for them, to savour their last moments together

[Yunho stood in Jaejoong's driveway...]

Yunho stood in Jaejoong's driveway, leaning against his used pickup truck, the feeling of pride still slightly there. Yunho had bought his first car a couple months ago after saving up for 18 months, and even though it was a bit battered and he'd had it for a while, he still had that sense of accomplishment that it was 100% his.

It was a nice breezy day around the end of August, and Yunho knew his boyfriend well enough to know he'd be a bit late--despite Yunho coming to pick him up. He and Jaejoong were polar opposites that agreed on most things and the delicate balance in their interactions was what made their relationship so special.

Jaejoong was creative, warm, scatterbrained, and artistic. He never did things according to the norm and always had his own way to interpret life. And it showed in his art. Anyone who even hated Jaejoong could not say anything negative about his art. It was clear the teenage boy was more than gifted. But when Jaejoong finally bounded out of his house with an oversized patterned sweater, slightly scuffed Doc Martens, and a winning grin, Yunho thought he was nothing less than perfect.

"Sorry I'm late," Jaejoong said excitedly as he came up to the truck, giving Yunho a quick kiss. "Where are we going?" he continued, looking into Yunho's eyes expectantly.

Yunho was strategic, cool, extremely organized, and a talented debater. He was a student council senator at school, a peer mentor, and was the one boy in school with the most teacher-given merit awards...ever. When he  leaned down to kiss Jaejoong again before replying to the older man's question, Jaejoong's hands found themselves gripping to Yunho's dark T-shirt. Jaejoong knew Yunho was his balancing factor in life and more importantly, his muse.

"Surprise," Yunho said with a lighthearted twinkle in his eyes as he opened the door to the shotgun seat for Jaejoong.

"Mmmm, is there food involved?" Jaejoong asked as he hoisted himself into the small truck.

Yunho stayed at the window of Jaejoong's side and leaned against the door, not taking his eyes away from his boyfriend's. He stared at him for a couple of seconds, reached in to scrape a speck of dried magenta paint from Jaejoong's cheekbone, and smiled softly, most of the humor reaching his eyes. "Surprise, babe. I'm not telling you."

Just as Yunho was about to turn away to walk to his side of the vehicle, Jaejoong grabbed his arm and stopped him. "This is nice, wait-" he said, pulling out his smartphone and taking a picture while it was in self-cam mode.

He quickly looked at how it came out and chuckled. "Yunho, don't look at the camera smiling; it's supposed to be one of those natural you-caught-us-being-in-love pictures!"

Yunho laughed and obliged, looking into Jaejoong's eyes this time. Despite his smile getting bigger, it was completely natural.

"Am I free to drive now?" Yunho asked.

Jaejoong reached through the window and kissed his nose. "Yeah, you cutie, let's go."

Yunho ran to the other side of the truck, and Jaejoong made sure his obligatory sigh of admiration regarding everything that was Yunho happened before the younger man got in the truck.

"I wanna collect as many pictures of us as I can before I go," Jaejoong explained as he examined the picture on his phone closely, debating if it was Instagram-worthy.

"Put on your seatbelt, Jae," Yunho chided as he started the car. "And better you to collect the pictures; I -did- almost fail that summer photography course," he continued with a visible wince of chagrin.

Jaejoong giggled lightheartedly. "I'm gonna print them all out and cover the walls of my new apartment as soon I get to Paris. My roommate won't even have to ask if I'm gay, oh my god."

Yunho smirked. "He had better not be gay himself," he replied.

"It's okay, Yunho, the little white boys in Paris have nothing on you."

Yunho rolled down the window letting some of the breeze in. The sun shone in and sparkled off Jaejoong's brown hair, something that Yunho thought was more than picture-worthy.

"There are Asians in France, too, believe it or not," Yunho chuckled.

"But the sexiest one will be the one all over my walls!"

Yunho squeezed Jaejoong's hand and smiled. Jaejoong always gave him a warm light feeling that gave him a chance to relax and unwind. Jaejoong was always relentless with affection whether it was physical or verbal, whereas Yunho's parents were the opposite. They were fair and loving but also very strict, so whenever Yunho would spend time with his boyfriend, he felt truly pampered.

"So," Yunho said after they got tired of singing along with the radio. "Tell me about your program. Give me all the juicy details."

Jaejoong's face instantly brightened as he began to tell Yunho everything about his two-year Arts internship in Paris, and although Yunho knew it was an amazing opportunity for Jaejoong, part of him was afraid of letting him go. But like his parents, Yunho hid his emotions well. So, when in reality he wanted to beg Jaejoong not to go, he used his better judgment and smiled along.

Soon, Yunho turned onto a rural road and the truck started jerking roughly on the unpaved  terrain, distracting Jaejoong from his words.

"Yunho, where are you taking us, actually?"

Yunho ran his hand through his hair, and before he could bring his hand back down, Jaejoong made him pause halfway through so he could take a picture. Yunho raised his eyebrow in amusement and turned his eyes towards Jaejoong and Jaejoong snapped another picture.

A couple miles later and a couple pictures later, the couple found themselves at a secluded place by the waterfront. There were a few people walking around in the distance, but the immediate solitude was not only comforting, it made the area feel special.

They got out of the car and a cooling summer breeze wafted through their hair and their now intertwined fingers.

"Shall we?" Yunho asked.

Jaejoong, for once, was at loss for words. A smile graced his face as he followed Yunho's lead. His mind cleared and relaxed as Yunho's hand held his close, as they strolled down to a big willow tree a couple meters down from where they had arrived.

"Yunho, this is so... so beautiful. This is the surprise?"

Yunho said nothing and let go of Jaejoong's hand to reach for the bag hanging on his other shoulder. He first pulled out a checkered blanket in which he spread at the foot of the tree, pulled out a series of food containers, and spread them out along the center.

"That's the surprise actually," Yunho replied, scratching his head awkwardly. "I know you're leaving soon and I figured we could just be alone and-"

Jaejoong's camera was already out, the sound of the shutter cutting Yunho's explanation short.

"This is so nice, Yunho, seriously, I never knew you could be so sweet!" Jaejoong exclaimed as he shut the camera, already sitting down at the end of the blanket and opening the containers.

"I'm always sweet, what are you talking about?" Yunho argued as he sat down opposite to Jaejoong.

Jaejoong picked up the container with a delicious smell of beef and lifted it to his nose to smell it better. He shut his eyes and moaned a bit, and Yunho looked at him and somehow fell a bit more in love.

"Yunho, don't tell me you made this yourself?" Jaejoong asked, already digging in, his chopsticks poised over the containers, unsure of where to start.

Yunho blushed and scratched his arm, unknowingly flexing at the same time, much to Jaejoong's delight. "Well, Jihye did help me a bit... but I swear I did some, too."

Jaejoong made a noise of approval as he put some of the noodles in his mouth and chewed quickly. "Buddha bless your sister, because this is beyond delicious, Yunho. Try some."

Yunho took the food into his mouth and agreed it was quite delicious. The bit of sauce on the side of Jaejoong's lips looked a lot more delicious, but he decided against licking it up and settled on wiping it away with the pad of his thumb, afterwards bringing it to his mouth.

"It's delicious," he replied.

After the two of them ate, Jaejoong leaned against the big willow tree, rested his head on Yunho's shoulder, and sighed.

"I'm really gonna miss you," he said quietly.

Yunho's heart flipped because he knew that his sentiments mirrored Jaejoong's, if not magnifying them. Jaejoong seemed to become more and more valuable to him as of recent, and just as soon as he thought of living every day without him, he felt an unfamiliar and disconcerting sense of despair. He was used to being strong and overcoming his emotions, but for once in his life, Yunho felt weakened and not in control. He swallowed slowly, and replied, his voice unwavering.

"This is good for you, Jaejoong. I'm proud of you."

Jaejoong's heart momentarily sunk because a small part of him wanted to hear Yunho say other words. He knew Yunho loved him, and he knew Yunho would miss him, but he thought it would be nice to hear it. Like his parents, Yunho's actions usually spoke louder than his words, and this was evident especially in this very beach-lunch date that clearly took a lot of consideration. Jaejoong, however, was still happy that his Yunho was proud of him, because he was proud of himself inclusively. He had worked hard, and he couldn't wait to be an art intern in Paris.

Jaejoong suddenly stood up and ran to the bank of the water, kicking his shoes off and removing his thin sweater as he went. He didn't want to spend his last day with Yunho pouting, so when he rolled up his pant leg and poked his toe in, he happily waded in further, enjoying the feeling of the sun on his skin. He shut his eyes and lifted his face to the sky, soaking in the warmth.

"Are you coming, Yunho?" Jaejoong called over his shoulder.

Yunho was sitting back and happily watching Jaejoong walk around in the water, unknowingly realizing how content he was with just watching the man. He stood up, kicked off his shoes as well, and decided to join him. And to his luck, as soon as he got to the edge of the water and stuck his foot in, Jaejoong reached down and splashed him, getting water in his hair and on his chest. Yunho exclaimed loudly and flinched, momentarily frozen with shock. He wanted to be angry, but the giggling face in front of him halted any further angry thoughts. So Yunho smirked, flipped his wet hair out of his eyes haughtily, and splashed him back mercilessly.

Jaejoong screamed and tried to dodge the attack, instantly trying to retaliate. Within moments, the two of them were laughing and extremely drenched. Jaejoong walked up to Yunho and traced his finger across the outline of his boyfriend's chest through his white shirt. Looking up into his eyes, he smiled happily.

"You're super sexy when you're all wet; I like it."

And just when Yunho blushed and didn't expect it, Jaejoong pushed him beneath the miniature waves. But Yunho was faster than expected, holding tight to Jaejoong's arm and dragging him down as well. He carded his hands through Jaejoong's hair trying to think of a witty comeback. His heart pounded and his creativity stopped, mostly because he got lost in Jaejoong's eyes, so eventually he just leaned up and kissed him.

Hours later, their shirts were hung up to dry, and they were sitting back by their tree watching the sunset. Surprisingly, there weren't many people populating the area, and the couple appreciated the privacy. Yunho lay with his head in Jaejoong's lap as Jaejoong played with his hair listlessly.

"You know I've always been a bit jealous of you, right, Yunho?"

"What? Why?" Yunho replied, genuine bewilderment in his voice. Jaejoong was one of the most gifted people he knew, and he considered himself insanely inferior to him.

"You're so disciplined, smart, and people can depend on you. I--I- depend on you. You always know what to say and what to do. It's not really a bad jealousy; I admire you, and I guess I just appreciate and wish I was a bit more like that."

"Jaejoong," Yunho started. "Do you even realize how talented you are?"

"There you go saying the right things again," Jaejoong said, laughing. "Yes, I realize I'm talented, Yunho; I'm just saying, you have really good qualities. You're going to be an amazing lawyer one day."

Yunho reached up and touched Jaejoong's cheek. "That means a lot, thank you."

Jaejoong giggled, "Not to mention, you'll look amazingly sexy in a suit, being all assertive and smart. I might break the law just to see you in action."

"Are you trying to say I don't give you enough action?" Yunho asked teasingly. "You're at my house every single time my parents are on a business trip."

"Yeah, but you weren't dressed up, so we didn't have angry tie sex, did we?" Jaejoong asked in mock anger as he curled his hand into Yunho's hair, brushing his tresses softly.

"Jaejoong," Yunho said with a serious tone. "I want you to know that I'll give you anything."

Jaejoong leaned down and kissed Yunho's forehead softly. "I'm gonna miss you so so much."

Yunho bit his lip and looked away from Jaejoong's eyes into the sunset. The sun had just about gone down, and the twilight air swirled around them magically, enveloping them in a comforting warmth that couldn't be matched.

"I'll miss you too."

((pls comment on the 2nd part :') ))
Title: Snapshots of Summer
Beta: the gorgeous ligerliger
Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong
Genre:Angst, Tragedy
Warning: Character Death
Rating: NC-17
Summary: During the warm and welcoming summer, Yunho spends his last days with Jaejoong

My Jaeho_XChange Secret Santa Fic for the one and only 5_in_heart

A/N: Ah, I thought I was ahead on writing this, until I realized it was due in two days so I had to rush to finish off the end. I hope it doesn’t seem too rushed, I hope it flows well, and I hope you enjoy it! I can never judge my own writing so asdkljfk;adsgajf; LIKE IT PLEASE. I tried and thought this out and you wanted angst so here’s angst, I should stop typing now. Merry Christmas! ~ xx
The air had a disturbing and chilling...Collapse )
16th-Jun-2013 07:31 pm - Of Insecurities & Inhibitions
Title: Of Insecurities & Inhibitions
Author: mint_whispers

Beta: the flawfree ligerliger
Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong
Genre: Romance
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Yunho is coming back from a trip with his parents, and Jaejoong is overcome by a whole new onslaught of emotions.

A/N: So I know I haven't posted in 5ever but hey, maybe this is the start of a good summer? And by good I mean writing, tumblring, and not leaving the house *sobs*
Jaejoong peered into the mirror and ...Collapse )

Title: Of Emoticons, Cupcakes, & Eiffel Towers
Author: mint_whispers
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Pairing: Yunjae, Yoosu, OT5
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jaejoong is away on a french exchange trip, and he starts an instant messaging conversation with all five of them telling them about his adventures...


Read more...Collapse )
A/N: Gah so I haven't posted in months. Thank highschool. And I wrote this ages ago, and forgot to post it. Ahem...
26th-Jul-2012 06:30 am - Fragile Perfection
Name: Fragile Perfection
Pairing: Taoris
Length: Oneshot
Summary: Tao just wants to be perfect, but he is hurting himself, and Wufan needs to put him back together.
Warnings: character death, bulemia (not detailed).
The first time Wufan saw Tao on his knees in front of a toilet...Collapse )
Name: Of Transit Magic, Coffee Shops and Smiles
Author: mint-whispers
Pairing: Yunho/Jaejoong
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Smut
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jaejoong meets Yunho on the bus, and isn't that sure he wants to be friends, but Yunho is just too damn sexy.
Read more...Collapse )
28th-Jun-2012 11:04 am - Wet

Title: Wet
Author: mint-whispers
Length: oneshot
Summary: Sehun hates rainy mornings but someone sparks his attention.
Pairing: Sehun/Luhan
Genre: Fluff, AU
Rating: G

Sehun hated the rain...Collapse )
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